Our current partnerships represent genuine 和 strong collaboration with industry organisations which meet these criteria:

  • 反映了我们 战略计划研究的重点领域
  • offer productive 和 valuable outcomes for both parties
  • 基于共同的价值和目标
  • foster a two-way exchange of knowledge 和 opportunity.

In this section you can find out more about some of our current partnerships and how they contribute to our research, 教育 和 community goals.

电子游戏是的一个主要赞助商 西部牛头犬。

在与似曾相识的合作研究水 市西水。


Victoria University (电子游戏) 和 the 墨尔本大学 (UoM) have entered into a cooperative arrangement to advance the objectives of both Universities.

This endeavour includes cooperative 教育 和 research in the following disciplines:

  • 看护
  • exercise science/rehabilitation 和 physiotherapy
  • 其他卫生人力资源领域
  • 教育
  • educational transitions between school and vocational 和 higher 教育.

Cultural Respect Encompassing Simulation Training

Cultural Respect Encompassing Simulation Training (CREST) is a collaborative program between UoM and 电子游戏, training health care practitioners to communicate more effectively with culturally 和 linguistically diverse (CALD) people.